International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of the Eastern Star


Illustrious James O. Dogan, 33° - Supreme President/CEO • Illustrious Kenneth L. Hollowell, 33° - Supreme Grand Master

Illustrious Robert L. Stevens, 33°

Most Worshipful Grand Master



















International Free & Accepted Modern Masons, Incorporation and Order of the Eastern Star (IFAMM) is a worldwide fraternity organized in 1950 by Dr. William V. Banks, Rev. William Kirksey, and Brother Henry Allen.  The focus was to form a Christian Fraternal Society that had very high ideals about the development of men, women, and children.  IFAMM's purposes are moral, financial, benevolent, and charitable leadership to serve the present age, hence Modern in the name.  Since our beliefs are firmly rooted in the Bible and Christian principles, we teach charity, and service to all mankind and we try to induce an ethical way of life which brings about those improvements necessary to the construction of good, clean respected citizenship.


IFAMM, Inc. and OES adheres to ancient moral principles and the 25 Landmarks of Freemasonry set up during the initiation formation of Freemasonry in England.  However over the course of time, due to the advancements in technology, information sharing, and societal norms; things were modified in order that current and modern benefits may be offered by a Fraternal Order. IFAMM, Inc. and OES has no quarrels with other Masonic Bodies, and we are glad to cooperate with other Fraternal Orders to build Masonry as a True Righteous Order based on the principles of the Holy Bible.


All Masonic Bodies operating within the United States have to seek recognition from a State Governing Authority (i.e. Secretary of State), and having been incorporated in August of 1950 in Dover, Delaware; IFAMM, Inc. and OES is empowered to practice Freemasonry, and operate as a Masonic Order, throughout the United States, its possessions and territories. This further allows the the same rights as those with charters issued directly from the Grand Lodge of England or the Grand Orient of France prior to the United States acquiring its independence in 1776. The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) is the governing body of Freemasonry in England, Wales and the Channel Islands ONLY. It is important to note that when the United States declared its independence in 1776, Freemasons in the United States were no longer required to gain a charter from the United Grand Lodge of England to operate in the United States.  Those seeking to be recognized in other countries (i.e. England) are obligated to seek recognition from the Masonic Authoritative Body in that country.  The United States is a sovereign country with no obligation to any entity within another country.


One of the bedrock principles of  IFAMM, Inc. and OES is to develop young males and females to provide an apprentice workshop for the young children and adolescents in the charitable work of the Masonic Body. The mission of our Youth Court are to inculcate certain moral principles, as exemplified by the Holy Bible and other moral sciences, which are highly regarded by our Masonic Order.


IFAMM, Inc. and OES was founded upon five Christian principles that deny no person the right to fraternalism, regardless of race, color or creed. Our cardinal principles are to appeal to membership in such a manner as to:


• Promote better understanding and coordination.

• To improve such fields of thought which tend to ensure sound judgment.

• To install in the minds of youth the necessity of intellectual progress.

• To regard all that tends to develop character and wholesome personality traits.

• To establish only such assets or liabilities which are within the financial range of the membership.


Since its founding, IFAMM, Inc. and OES has had representation of members from coast to coast; from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, on the Bahamas Islands and Alaska. Having chartered more than 3,500 lodges and chapters with a membership reaching into the thousands since its beginning. In addition, our youth courts have consisted of more than 3,500 youth and young adults where development and growth is the primary focus.


There are many institutions of Freemasonry across the United States that swell with pride at the our progress, education, and the work we continue to do to maintain the integrity and honor of Freemasonry.  We owe a large portion of gratitude to the well known reputation Freemasonry enjoys throughout our nation and around the world.


Alongside Freemasonry must be the focus of helping members and communities economically thrive and grow.  IFAMM, Inc. and OES set up the first Black owned Broadcasting Facility for both a radio and TV station in Detroit, Michigan (WGPR TV62 and 107.5FM), along with the Universal Barber College, International School of Cosmetology, as well as allowing the Industrial College to put the organization in a position to render unbridled service far beyond that of any other Order. These medians of service, coupled with other modern services, such as monetary benefits and those of prestige, and enjoyment, brought Freemasonry to a new level and where no one can doubt that International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of the Eastern Star render services not duplicated by any other Organization.


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