International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of the Eastern Star


Illustrious James O. Dogan, 33° - Supreme President/CEO • Illustrious Kenneth L. Hollowell, 33° - Supreme Grand Master

Illustrious Robert L. Stevens, 33°

Most Worshipful Grand Master

MW Illustrious Renford P. Brown Grand Lodge: District Master's Council

Illustrious Robert Stevens, 33° President, District Master's Council

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Just as the Worshipful Master of a Lodge annually appoints lodge officers to assist him, so does the Grand Master annually appoint Grand Lodge officers to assist him in his work. Illustrious Bobbie J. Meeks,33° - Grand Master appoints District Masters who can act on behalf of the Grand Master when he is unable to do so.  District Grand Masters are both representatives and appointees of the Grand Master and are responsible for inspecting the work of the Lodges assigned to them and make a report to the Grand Master once a month.  District Masters are also responsible for conducting educational workshops at least once a year, with quarterly sessions being the norm for many Florida Districts.


District Masters are committed, friendly, honest, fair and kind in their dealings with members and others.  They do not partake in any activity that lowers the standards of the Fraternal Order and its members.  Some specific duties of a District Master are:


  • Promote growth and community involvement.
  • Hold elections for local Lodges, twice a year (if necessary) in June and December.
  • Send a report of each Lodge personnel to the Grand Master after each election.
  • Inspect the work of all Worshipful Masters and Officers of the District.
  • Ensure that the required audited financial reports for every Lodge in their district is completed and submitted to the Grand Master.
  • Teach the Constitution of IFAMM, Inc. and OES, its structure and governance system.
  • Ensure that all Financial Secretaries and Treasurers are bonded to protect the financial interests of the Lodge for the monies they are handling.
  • Visit each Lodge in the District at least one time every three months and review the Endowment Sheet each time for any delinquencies.


Illustrious Robert L. Stevens, 33° serves as the President of the District Master's Council and is responsible for ensuring they are fulfilling their duties and obligations, provides support and guidance, as well as assists them in their role.


Should you be interested in learning more about the duties and responsibilities of a District Master and you need to know who yours is, please Illustrious Robert L. Stevens, 33° - President, District Master's Council at your convenience and he will do his best to get back to you in a timely manner.