International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of the Eastern Star


Illustrious James O. Dogan, 33° - Supreme President/CEO • Illustrious Kenneth L. Hollowell, 33° - Supreme Grand Master

Illustrious Robert L. Stevens, 33°

Most Worshipful Grand Master



There are two documents noting the history of the State of Florida and our beginning. According to 25th Anniversary Historical Account and the Beacon Light, an account documenting the history of International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc.'s developed by Illustrious William K. Kirksey records the following as how the State of Florida came into existence within the organization:


It was in the month of August 1950, when IFAMM was rapidly experiencing growth in membership throughout the country, that the State of Florida was organized. Under the direction of Rev. Rufus Beacham, Supreme Deputy at that time, Lodges and Chapters were organized in various sections of the state.  In its beginning, Florida was governed by a Joint Council of Masons and Eastern Star, with Brother Thomas Nelson officiating as the President of the Joint Council from 1953 through 1954. In 1955, various Lodges and Chapters in the city of Tampa came together for the purpose of setting up a Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter for the State of Florida. The late Bishop R.F. Coleman was elected Grand Master of the newly formed Saint James Grand Lodge and Sister Mable Gordon was elected Grand Matron for the newly formed Mary McCleoud Bethune Grand Chapter.


The Father Lodge for the State of Florida is Pride of West Tampa #1 and the Mother Chapter is Evening Light Chapter #2.  The State of Florida continues to experience monumental growth in membership and presence throughout the organization's leadership structure. The State of Florida is rated as the top state in International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of the Eastern Star and has had many Masons and Stars serve in key leadership roles.


Masons of Florida have much to be proud of based on the tremendous progress accomplished through harmony and cooperation of officers and members inthe state. In 2011, Florida is not only outstanding when it comes to adult membership, but also has a growing Youth Department whereby youth and young adults learn lessons that assist them in their growth and development.  Many of the great leaders of IFAMM came from and continue to evolve from the State of Florida.


Since its founding in 1950, the State of Florida has had 10 Grand Masters, with Illustrious Robert Lee Stevens, 33° serving as the current Grand Master. Below is a list of all Past Grand Masters:


  • Brother R.L. Coleman
  • Brother Willie Weaver
  • Brother Jasper Carswell
  • Brother Thomas Montgomery
  • Brother Bobby Williams
  • Brother Woodrow Wilson
  • Brother Renford P. Brown
  • Brother Bobbie J. Meeks